How do you cut down trees in Pokemon Emerald?

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  • Jim
    1 month ago

    not all trees can be cut.

    there are small trees that sort of block your path in many places. these trees can be cut. (the trees are the same size as your person (one sprite square))

    trees with a small vine hanging off of them (trees that take up like four sprite squares) can’t be cut – they are for secret bases.

    trees that are used for borders can’t be cut – they are the trees that you see the most, they act like walls.


    for the small trees that you CAN cut, if you have the HM 01 Cut, you can teach it to many types of pokemon and look at the cut-able tree and push the A button. it will prompt you to use the move.


    if you need to still get the HM 01 Cut, in rustboro city, north of the bridges over water, west (left) of the poke center (or the shop, i forget) there is a house with a sign that says cutter’s house. in there, a man will give you the move

  • Mary
    5 days ago

    If you have the HM CUT(You get it in a woodcutter’s house next Pokemon Centre in Roxanne City) Teach it to a Pokemon,put it in your party,go to an abnormal looking,small,your sized tree that generally blocks paths.Talk to it(Press A button)TA DAAAA It’s cut (note:you need to defeat Roxanne to use Cut) Hope this helped ( :

  • ?
    1 month ago

    ok the cutter guy’s house is to your left of the pokemon center in rustboro city u can teach your grass pokemon cut or zigzagoone cut as well it depends what town your in the game and if there are any trees around. press a when in front of a tree it will say-this tree looks like it can be cut down would u like 2 cut it say yes then the tree will be cut. hope my answer helped your question good luck 🙂

  • darkstar8tm
    1 month ago

    in the city were the rock gym leader is, the bottom left house talk to the ppl in there and a guy will give u HM Cut and then u beat the gym leader and u can cut down those little trees

  • blade master
    1 month ago

    you need the cut HM01

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