How do you change your Sims’ turn-ons and turn-offs?

In the Sims 2, I know that a Sim can still have a relationship with another Sim even if that Sim doesn’t have the turn-ons that the other Sims likes. (The turn-ons and turn-offs feature is something new that you get with the newer expansion packs.) I need to change one of my Sims turn-ons and offs, which can be done by getting the “ReNuYuSenso Orb Aspiration Reward Object.” How do you get this object and where will you find it when you do get it? And is there any other way to change them without it?

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  • Catastrophe!
    1 month ago

    It’s an aspiration reward, and it costs 6250 aspiration points. A cheat to get this without earning points, type ctrl + shift + c, then type aspirationPoints 6250. Aspiration Rewards can be found when clicking on the last icon that looks like a treasure chest, then click on the icon that’s a picture of your sim’s current aspiration.

  • Kae
    1 month ago

    hmm… I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure the orb thing came with nightlife… Just check the aspiration rewards menu and see how many points you need to get it. If you don’t want to wait you could just use the cheat AspirationPoints [how ever many points you want to add] .

    That’s for CAS made sims. If your sim is born in game then when they become a teen and first role turn ons/ turn offs they have a drink called ReNuYu something or other in their inventory. You can take it out and tell your sim to drink it and a menu will pop up with the options to change the turn ons turn offs to whatever you want.

  • Tailor
    1 month ago

    Call the psychic, gypsy, genie, whatever that girl is, and when she comes, greet her, click on her, and there’s something you can buy from her to do that. I think its a ReNuYuSenso something. It’s like a drink.

  • ♫♪Heather Honey♪♫
    1 month ago

    Check out the link below….

    Good site for freebies.

    And, I think there is an add-on somewhere that let’s you change their turn ons/offs whilst playing the game….

    It might take some looking, though. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    This has been answered many times before

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Google “Sims 2 help” or something and see what comes up?

    1 month ago

    sorry. i don’t know what ur talking about

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