How do i take off a “pur” water filter off my kitchen sink faucet?

i just moved in and a pur water filter is attached to my kitchen faucet. I can only use the watergun(its on every kitchen sink, its the water gun that you can pull up and its connected to a hose.

I tryed taking it off with my hands but it seemed like i almost broke the faucet, so im not going to try anymore.

The faucet picture looks like this –…


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  • GFC
    1 month ago

    Mine is a different model, but I assume they all mount the same way.

    It just screws on in place of the aerator (the little strainer thing on the bottom of the faucet that the water comes out of). If it doesn’t come loose by hand, either (1) it was installed by a gorilla who put it on too tight, (2) it has gotten gunked up and is just plain stuck, or (3) it attaches differently than mine.

    If you don’t care about saving the Pur filter itself, you could try a pair of pliers (opened to their wider setting) to grab it and get a little more turning power than just by hand. Of couse, this could risk damage to the faucet.

    Remember that you are probably looking down on it from above the faucet, so the turning direction to loosen it is the OPPOSITE of what you might be thinking. Remember to visualize the “counterclockwise” direction as through you were looking up from BELOW it.

    If the only problem is that you aren’t getting water through the filter, maybe you just need to replace the filter cartridge inside it…?? The company’s website or tech support phone could tell you how.

    Bottom line for my answer: Unless yours is a lot different than mine, it’s probably just stuck on really, really tight. (Or you’re turning the wrong way.)

    Good luck!

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Pur Water Filter Faucet

  • chicagirl51
    1 month ago

    Hold the filter and turn the black attachment on the end of the faucet counter clockwise. You might need to spray it with white vinegar to loosen it up. Turn the filter over and see if it’s clogged. Remove the filter cartridge and soak in white vinegar. Scrub with a toothbrush and rinse. Replace with a new Pur cartridge an reinstall. Make sure water comes out of the faucet before putting it back on.

  • Lee
    5 days ago

    I was able to remove it by soaking the faucet head in boiling water. Boil water, put it in a mug, and insert the faucet head with filter attachment into the mug of boiling water. Then when the faucet is hot, rotate the attachment clockwise as seen from above, counterclockwise as seen from below. Pliers are helpful both to gain additional purchase and to avoid touching the hot surface.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    Hope this helps!

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