How do I set up an allotment for my Military Star Card? Currently Deployed Overseas.?

I called the star card company before deploying and they said I had to go to Finance to get a “finance code” to set it up on my mypay (which i know how to set up allotments on there), but my buddy said he was able to do it without it…Any insight? Thanks!

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  • Armyvet35
    1 month ago

    No Allotment needed as above poster stated. Just set up automatic payments.

    But first if you are not using the card make sure you do one of the following….

    Deployment is defined as travel to a contingency operation or other forward area in an overseas (foreign country) location in conjunction with valid orders. If you deploy for at least 90 days while on active duty, we will:

    The plan offers Military Star card (formerly DPP) deployed account holders a reduced interest rate and no payments for those who are deployed for at least 90 days in conjunction with a JCS deployment order.

    The plan provides the Military star card deployed account holders whose account is in good standing (i.e., not in

    “collection” status) two options:

    1. A 6% interest rate and the ability to continue to utilize the account during the deployment period while making no payments.


    2. A 0% interest rate during the deployment period, while making no payments. No charges can be made against the account during the period of deployment under this option.

    To take advantage of AAFES’ Star card contingency deployment policy, Unit Commanders (or their representatives) must first provide AAFES a deployment listing by one of the following methods:

    1. By mail: AAFES-HQ

    P.O. Box 650739

    Dallas, TX 75265-0739

    2. By fax: DSN: 967-4326

    COM: 214-312-4326

    3. By Internet: Send deployment listing to [email protected].

    Upon confirmation of deployment status of service members, AAFES will automatically default to option 1 (6% interest rate

    with no payments and full charge privileges during the deployment period).

    If the service member chooses option 2 (0% interest with no payments and no charge privileges during deployment period), the service member must notify AAFES through one of the methods detailed above.

    For additional information, service members can contact their local AAFES exchange General Manager’s office.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Aafes Dpp

  • Steve
    1 month ago

    Go to and set up a recurring payment, you don’t need an allotment just an internet connection

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    the comment about is untrue you just need to have a company code for an allotment and your account number and go to your local pay office

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