How Do I run an AOL Auto Fix?

I’m trying to run an aol auto fix because my aim isnt working.

but i have no idea how to run one.

and i dont know where im supposed to go to start one.


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  • sam
    1 month ago

    AOL can an will screw you up 6 ways to Monday so the best bet is for you to completely install everything that has to do with your AOL and the restart your computer and then download it again from another source.


    you can go to help and support in your start bar then clicking on

    undo changes to your computer with system restore and choose a date that was before your AOL account started to mess up


    if neither of this works then call customer service and then see what you can do.

  • theberge
    5 days ago

    Aol Auto

  • severn
    4 days ago


  • bigbadbruiser
    6 days ago

    on start up

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