How do I remove a stuck hex wrench from a garbage disposal?

My well meaning husband, while trying to get a penny unstuck from the garbage disposal, used a hex wrench in the bottom (which I know is the correct thing to do). However, when he went to test the disposal to see if it was working again, he did not remove the hex wrench, and it is now locked into the bottom, and will not come out. The wrench still can be turned, and it twists the disposal, but it seems seriously locked into the bottom. Any help?

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  • Ralph Z
    1 month ago

    Use a broom handle or a good wooden stick to jam the disposal from turning, with power off of course, and turn the wrench back and forth with a downward motion.

    If this doesn’t work use a pry between the wrench body and the disposal and pry it out. Good Luck

    The wrench hex or the disposal hex groves may be damaged, stripped.

  • chattykathy
    5 days ago

    I used a tool with like 6 allen wrenches on it, and it provides a lot of grip and the ability to pull from a variety of angles (as it was stuck in the bottom of the garbage disposal). Wiggling and putting a lot of muscle into it was not working. I wrestled with it for awhile. If we put much more muscle into it I’m afraid we would pull down the garbage disposal. Last resort- I turned on the garbage disposal briefly. The allen wrench came right out- but be advised, kinda flew out of there. So if you try that- stand back.

  • duane w
    1 month ago

    Do you mean the unlocking wrench? If it went in it will come out. If it isn’t hurting anything leave it rather than break the thing . What do you have to loose?

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    A long flat head screwdriver and a hammer. try 2 tap it 2 the side.

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