How do I redeem Betty Crocker Points?

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  • sandi_villanueva
    1 month ago

    The Betty Crocker Catalog has closed its doors on December 15, 2006. As a courtesy to our loyal customers who may still have Betty Crocker Points, we have arranged for you to use your Betty Crocker Points for a limited time to receive a 10% discount at

  • chamberland
    4 days ago

    Betty Crocker Points

  • raub
    5 days ago

    Betty Crocker Catalog

  • noor
    5 days ago

    It is now 2016 can you still redeem Betty Crocker ponts?

  • shortnstoudt
    1 month ago

    Ask Erin Crocker! LOL

  • goodboy
    1 month ago

    Go ask Betty Croker

    Betchya betty knows

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Sorry Dude..We thinks you lost your

    map on the way to the bake-off.

    Anyway..thanx for the cookie.

  • #1 Newman Fan
    1 month ago

    And you’re asking this in the NASCAR category why???

  • jean
    5 days ago

    do I just toss them

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