How do I program my RAT 7 gaming mouse side scroller to scroll horizontally?

I recently purchased the Cyborg R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse and I noticed it had a side scroller so I’m very curious on how to program it to do so. It isn’t automatically programmed that way and for some reason I cannot find out a way how to do it so anyone who can please tell me Step By Step instructions I would greatly appreciate it – Thanks!

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  • ?
    8 days ago

    Hey, that is a great question, thanks for coming to answers, I hope this information helps.

    It is best to try your support site or your owners manual for help, this site has owners manuals and service manuals, that will answer most question. This is the site for owners manuals… This site is free…

    This site will help with problems, search it’s index for your problem, This site is free……

    If this does not help try a web search,that will do the trick most all the time if you hang in there, it is all on the web.

    I enjoy this forum, like to help when I can…

    I have been a tech for many years.

    CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

  • Alexander
    6 days ago

    Charles, your answer is only good when you don’t have text selected. If left/right on your keyboard won’t scroll. There is a dedicated system scroll function, but the mouse does not seem to be using it. The instructions you have provided should only be labelled as a “work-around”.

    I’m using the R.A.T. 9

  • Chris
    5 days ago

    Hi everyone I regularly program with my RAT 7 mouse.

    So scrolling in text editors with the horizontal scroll wheel set as left or right doesn t work as it only skips 1 character per scroll…

    I have found a workaround for this however. In some text editors or coding software, you can use shift than scroll up or down in order to move left or right.

    !!!!To record a mouse command click the mouse button where you would set a macro!!!

    I set my scrolling

    horizontal left = shift + scroll up

    horizontal right = shift + scroll down

    Please enjoy…

    I hope this helps some of you…

    PS. you can use different profiles (pink,blue,red) for left and right key mapping for some software.

    and other profiles (pink, blue, red) for shift scrolling…

    Eg. red would be as Charles suggested

    and blue would be my shift workaround.

    then pink could be whatever you want for eg. volume up or down.


  • Charles
    7 days ago

    Goto and get the Smart Technology software download.

    Install and run the program.After installation enter the programming tab on the top , above the mouse image. Mouse over the “thumb anticlockwise” or “thumb clockwise” setting, a white drop box will appear. Left mouse click inside this box, then hit the left arrow key or right arrow key on the keyboard.Save and name the new profile you created. Activate the profile and hopefully enjoy side scrolling.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I often end up submitting the same question on other sites

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