how do i melt wax without a microwave?

my microwave just broke so i was wondering if there was another way to melt my sally hansen microwavable wax without it.

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  • Charlotte Bronte
    10 hours ago

    i put mine in hot water.. works quite well.. just make sure the cap is on tight and put it in really hot water for like 5 min.. just like a microwave

    answer mine?

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Microwavable Wax

  • Srimathi
    10 hours ago

    Hello! melt the wax by putting water in a pan and then keep glass bowl or other container over it put the wax into it and melt,it is like double boiling.Make sure pan does not boil, dry this is the way to boil the wax.

  • Mar
    10 hours ago

    use a heater oven maximizing the heater switch until the wax melts. It’s the same effect as using a microwave oven.

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