How do I let my aunt know I’m attracted to her without weirding her out?

I’m 18 and my aunt is 22. She has an amazing body and want to have sex with her, but its kind of weird because she’s my aunt and idk if she will freak out if she finds out I feel this way or not. How should I approach this situation?I dont want to be her boyfriend or anything like that its just the fact that i find her body attractive. No feelings attached. It feels wrong but I’ve made up my mind. So I really need some helpful advice.I’m not sure if she would show some interest or if she would just be weirded out. I just really don’t know how to handle this situation. If she wasn’t my aunt it would be so much easier. I never imaged my desires growing to this length, but I can’t take it anymore. I have to tell her what I want but I don’t know how to do it. Please take this seriously and give me some good advice.

And I know “there are plenty of fish in the sea” i know all this guys. I get plenty of girls. The fact is that I find her attractive. I’m not lonely or crazy or what ever you can come up with it just comes down to my attraction for her body. No emotional issues involved. Its as simple as that. I know its incest nd honestly I don’t think its right but hey…. I’d never feel that way about my sister or mom or anything like that now that’s really crossing the line.

I think the reason I feel this attraction to my aunt is because she was never really in my life as a child and now all of sudden I see her everyday she this beautiful woman and she’s a stranger to me so I never really developed that “your my aunt” instinct.

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  • Dovahkiin88
    8 days ago

    The same way you let any other girl know. First you become a friend. Then, you become a close friend. Then, even closer.

    Simultaneously, you subtly create attraction with subliminal messaging i.e accidentally touching her, casually complimenting her, making her feel sexy and so on. You basically make her feel a thing for you, before she realizes that you have an attraction for her. But this is not compulsory…it’s just a safe way to get her attracted “without weirding her out”

    On the other hand, there’s a reason your aunt has a sexy body. Biologically speaking, she has a higher propensity to attract (and be attracted by) mates. She gets sexually aroused, more easily…which is one of the reasons why she looks sexy.

    Even psychologically, there’s a good chance she’s trying to get laid with you, which is why she looks attractive to you. As you grow older, you’ll encounter a lot of hot chicks who actually have a pretty face and body, yet you feel nothing for them. This is because the girl isn’t trying to attract you.

    In your case, your aunt does seem to attract you, so you might as well be upfront about it and seduce her back.

    Be warned though: Don’t verbally discuss your feelings. Otherwise, things will become official…in a sense. Nobody, on the other hand can confirm or deny subliminal messaging and seduction.

    Google seduction if you have to.

  • Ally
    8 days ago

    You really need to leave her alone in this. I know you are suffering in this but don’t make it absolutely awful by telling her that you want to have sex with her. How do you think she would feel about it. Totally weirded out? Definately. It could negatively affect any number of people in your family, not just you and her.

    If you absolutely have to tell her, then do it in the right way at the right time. If she asks how she looks when she is getting ready to go out, say something like… “You look hot! I’d shag you!” and leave it at that. It is casual, flippant and funny. Only you need to know it is actually the truth.

    If this situation is bothering you that much, you are 18, move out and move on. I would say it is a simple case of “You always want what you can’t have.” Totally normal but can be devastating if you decide to just go ahead and take.

    Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Please don’t… if you let her know how you feel it could ruin you all’s aunt-nephew relationship… plus what if you were to engage in sex with your aunt (if she said yes… which would be disturbing) and she developed feelings for you how would you handle that? Maybe find someone who resembles your aunt in a way, or if you really want to know how your aunt feels about your desire to have sex with her compliment her body and tell her something that kind of hints that you are interested in sex like “if only we weren’t related”… ehhh I can’t believe I said that, but um please I strongly advise you not to pursue sex from your aunt because she is your aunt and incest is repulsing and you should be repulsed by your desire towards her… Seek some counseling if you decide not to approach your aunt because desires don’t just go away over night and maybe with counseling or moving far away from her you won’t think about having sex with your aunt

  • Dr. Stephanie
    8 days ago

    Dear Julian, your feelings are normal enough…physical attraction. Whether you call it incest or not, having sex with your aunt could become infinitely complicated, as you will always have her as a family member. Whatever happens between the two of you will have to be remembered and dealt with forever, no moving on. Are you prepared to share having had sex together as a secret for the next fifty years or so? Or, are you prepared to deal with other relatives’ reactions when and if they learn about it? (They will !)

    And,what if she were to become pregnant? How would you each deal with things, if she decided to keep the baby ? (Sex does lead to pregnancy and is intended for same.)

    It seems to me that you are risking infinite complications when you consider indulging your attraction to her, IF she’s even available to you. Julian, can’t you find someone else in the whole wide world that would be attractive to you? Be smart, not sorry. ~Dr. Stephanie

  • ?
    5 days ago

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  • Some Guy
    8 days ago

    Do what your gut tells you, unless you think theres a high chance that she will think youre a weirdo then things will be extremly awkward/weird between you and thats not really worth it just over wanting to have sex

  • rita
    5 days ago

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  • caho1
    7 days ago

    So what happened? Did you **** your hot aunt? Cuz I’d like to know how you did it so I can **** my aunt too without her getting weirded out.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    Ummmmm. I guess just txt her or something even if you are right beside eachother.

  • Chiharu
    8 days ago

    there is really no way I could think of… I guess just play it cool and don’t do anything rash.

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