how do i increase the water pressure in a heatline vizo 24 combi boiler?


I was just wondering if anyone on this forum knows how to increase the water pressure in a Heatline Vizo 24 combi boiler,as the water pressure has fallen below one bar and so the heating wont turn on.

Things that I have already tried…

Turning it off and on again.

Identifying the filling loop and turning on/off the taps on the same piece of pipe.

Reading the manual..

(In that order!!)

Please help I have no heating and its snowing outside :'(

For the record the heatine vizo 24 combi boiler is a very cheap boiler with four coloured taps underneath, two blue, one yellow and one red.

I will attach a link to the manual in case it makes any more sense to anyone else!!…


PS. The red tap is also dripping, is this bad??

PPS. With the taps under the boiler which way is on and which way is off.

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  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    The manual mentions a filling loop, not supplied. This means that under or near the boiler there will be a braided pipe with a tap at each end. Open both taps slowly and the gauge should rise. Shut both taps firmly when 1.0 bar is registered. The boiler must be cold when doing this. The pressure will rise when the boiler runs but this is unimportant. If the pressure does not rise there is a fault within the filling system and you will need to call out an engineer. BGS do a one off repair. See link.

    All taps open anti clockwise viewed from the top.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Normally, you will find a little tap valve under the boiler, this comes from the mains cold water. There may be some kind of braided flexi hose attached to this, for filling the heating system. Turn this tap valve gently till the pressure rises back to 1 1/2 bar. If the pressure has dropped, there may be a problem(leak) with the heating system, or the boiler itself. Keep a close eye on it.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Heatline Vizo 24

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