How do I get out of swimming in PE?

Im a freshman and in gym its required that we have to take 3 weeks of swimming.

I have multiple reasons I dont want to swim.

1) I have SEVERE body acne everywhere and it’s extremely humiliating. I usually wear make up on my face so it’s mostly covered and I don’t want that to wash of.

2) My hair is chemically treated and chlorine will damage it.

3) I have various scars on my legs from self harm that I’m not comfortable showing.

4) I have severe anxiety and swimming with people is very stressful. I don’t even swim with my family anymore.

5) I’m not comfortably swimming where my feet can’t touch the bottom.

6) I don’t want to shower naked with the girls in my gym class.

Anyways, I will do literally ANYTHING to get out of gym class.

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    8 days ago

    The only ways you can get out…

    1. Have a SIGNED doctor’s note, but your teacher may give you a ‘F’ because you did not participate.

    2. Have a signed parent’s note, but your teacher may give you a ‘F’ because you did not participate.

    3. Take a ‘F’ for the swimming unit.

    4. Tell your counselor you will commit suicide if you don’t get out of swim.

    5. Suck it up and go in the water.

    6. Leave school for your P.E. class, go to the nearest McDonald’s and come back for your next class.

    7. Check in for attendance, say you need to use the bathroom, but go to Starbucks instead and never come back.

    8. You could lie about ear infections, but you will only get a ‘F’ and your teacher will say get earplugs from your doctor.

    9. Break your neck, but your teacher may give you a ‘F’ because you did not participate.

    See, the only ways you can actually get an ‘A’ without participating is option number 7.

  • CS
    8 days ago

    1) Chlorine disinfects and dries out skin so swimming helps with acne.

    2) Synchro swimmers wear make-up. Just wear some waterproof stuff.

    3) That rarely happens but that’s what swim caps are for.

    4) Then buy some spandex type swim shorts.

    5) A lot of things in life are stressful. By making excuses and being terrified of it you give it even more power to control you. Better to just face it.

    6) If you aren’t comfortable swimming in deeper water then take a swim class one on one with an instructor before the class begins at school or the teacher will help you learn.

    7) You really should go to a public pool alone and practice and get used to it and the way a locker room works. Many people shower with their suits on and change with a towel wrapped around them.

    If you can’t get through this how are you supposed to get through all the other stressful uncomfortable

    crap life will throw at you? There are plenty of people who have the exact same issues and do it anyway. I had scars and didn’t like swimming in deep water. It didn’t kill me.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    Just say you react badly to the chemicals in the water. I used to be on a swim team, by the end of the first month my skin was pretty messed up. Maybe you’ll be lucky and they will believe you

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    You could say that your sick and have your mum write a note about that and say that your not participating in pe. Also, if the teacher is a female you could tell her about that. Hope this helped 🙂

  • Edgar
    8 days ago

    i dont like swimming either but thats cuz i dont know how to

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