How do I get furniture for Lakeview Manor in Skyrim?

I built everything and added an alchemy tower. I am going to adopt so I need to get a bed and a chest for the children. But I can’t figure out how to get furniture. Please help?!

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  • Torchbug
    7 days ago

    If you want to move children into a Hearthfire house, you need to choose the Bedrooms west wing option (not the tower or the greenhouse) with two small beds and one large bed. See: The children won’t live in the upstairs rooms, those are assigned to your servants. You build the furniture by using the workbench inside the wing after it’s built. If the workbench isn’t there, check your plans and workbench outside to add it.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    Go inside your home, in there you find benches. You craft your furniture with materials. If you don’t see benches, more then likely you switch them off. Go outside and use the outside ones to make them reappear.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    im sorry dude but once you kill someone, they are dead for good. Ive accidently killed a lot of people. There are some people who you cant kill because they are extremely important to the game but if you kil them and they go down, they are dead and they aint gettn up! sorry i would say just reload to that point where you killed them but you probably did a lot of stuff between that, maybe you can just try and go into the building anothe way.

  • HelloToYouPal
    7 days ago

    You craft it

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