How do I dry out orbeez (orbees)?

My kids got orbeez for Christmas. Kids will be kids, and they did ALL of the orbeez. Now I have tubs full of these wet slimy things and I’d like to know the best way to dry them out. I did try spreading them out a bit and leaving them uncovered, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Now they’re starting to break easily. Suggestions? They’d be upset if I threw them away.

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  • (-_-)Zzz
    1 month ago

    Here is what the Orbeez website says:

    “Orbeez will stay large and plump for weeks if you leave them in a closed container out of direct sunlight. In direct sunlight they will dehydrate and return to their original size. You can add more water to grow them again.”

    Going Green

    “After a few weeks Orbeez can develop odor and mold. Dispose of them in the trash or even better, work them into your yard soil. Orbeez help soil stay moist and reduce the need for watering. After all, they were developed by the agricultural industry to protect crops during times of drought”

  • Sharon Cohen
    1 month ago

    They dry out in the sun, but sonce there might not be any near you right now, try a blowdrier.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    How To Store Orbeez

  • Alexandra
    6 days ago

    Put them out in the sun in an empty container and watch them shrink and you can still grow them after you shrink them

  • Emily
    6 days ago

    i tryed i put them under my heater just lay them out and they do start to smell bad

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    put them in water but keep it there

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    dont hit it with one use it on it

  • Russell
    1 month ago

    hit it with the blow dryer…?

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago


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