How do I convert a .cfg file to a .txt file?

I tried doing this: copy the .cfg file, save it at a new location. rename it to .txt and opening it with textpad. it does not work. Any other suggestions?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need an XML Editor to read it.

    MS FrontPage has one.

    And there’s a free one at:

  • sherryl
    5 days ago

    Two ways to do it: 1. If you already have the file, just rename it. Open Windows Explorer. Select Tools > View > Folder Options > View. Under Advanced settings, remove the checkmark on the “Hide extensions for know file type”. Go to where your STEAM.CFG.TXT file is located, click on it, press F2 or right click on it and rename it. 2. If you still don’t have the file, create it using Notepad. When you save, click on Save As > Save as type — All Files. Save the file as STEAM.CFG. This way, the .TXT won’t be appended to the filename.

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