How do I clean my dance paws?

I bought dance paws recently since I started taking modern and lyrical. I used them a couple of times already and wanna clean them but the material seems really sensitive and the packaging doesn’t teach you how to wash them. If you’re a dancer and know then please do tell and even if you’re not but know then still share. Thank you.

2 Answers

  • BeachGirl
    1 month ago

    Hand wash them in cold water, with a mild detergent (like Zero). Lay them flat to dry.

  • bormann
    5 days ago

    If flooring are grimy, they are going to get grimy. it rather is not inevitably ”undesirable”. you are able to throw them in the washing device device on a hand wash cycle and draw close them to dry. positioned them in a underclothes bag in case you come to a determination to device wash them. you additionally can hand wash them in the sink and draw close them to dry besides.

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