how do I check sbcglobal email from another computer?

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  • timmn
    1 month ago

    Go to Yahoo! Mail, in the username field enter

    <your_sbc_username>@sbcglobal .net

    In the password field, enter your sbcglobal password.

    You can check your sbcglobal e-mail from any computer that has internet access.

  • rachelle
    5 days ago

    Flags should be going up all over the place. First, that is not how notifications are made. Second, are you expecting a package, and the answer is likely no. And third, you are being asked to download a file. Forward the e-mail to [email protected] It will simply be part of a tally.

  • debbie f
    1 month ago

    You can check email from any computer that has internet access. I usually go through internet explorer and pull up,comcast,yahoo,aol whatever one I want to check.

  • Michael
    7 days ago


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