how do i beat escape the room 2?

im talking about the one on addictinggames not the one in dutch the one im tlaking about is this i need help on how to beat it please help!!!!!


when i clicked the owls eye like you said nothing happened i clicked it every where and nothing happened

when i clicked the owls eye like you said nothing happened i clicked it every where and nothing happened

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Try this one its a little easier to read right and open bottom drawer then close it and you get a note. left and click the note at the bottom right corner of screen. turn fan off. on the upper left side of the plants pot (just below the black line) to see behind the pot click the switch.

    4.turn left twice and pick up paper then click the piece that you just picked up and click the other piece to combine them.

    5.turn left and enter code in computer9(code is 431786)(code maybe different each time).

    6.turn right and pick up paper turn right again and select the paper you picked up and click the playstation and get key.

    7.turn right twice and unlock box then take red rod and gray rod.

    8.turn right and select red rod from inventory and click odd three circle picture to zoom in and click top circle.

    9 click back and turn right then above the words to face fan. select the silver rod and click fan blades to find blue rod take the rod then go back.

    10.go to the three circle picture and put blue rod in the left circle.

    11.turn left and click the lower right side of the trash can to read clue (it maybe a little tricky to find) once you find it turn to halo picture and click the green “grass” on the left side and leave screen the go back and the picture will be up and you will see a green rod.

    12.take it and put it with the red and blue rod in the last spot open. go to door click it and your out!

  • Bri
    1 month ago

    I know how to beet Espace the Room 2 on I’ll give you the walkthrough…

    1. First, take a little tour of the room. Do NOT click anything yet. Okay now, make sure the fan is on. (It’s the little white thing on the wall next to the plant)

    2. Go to the right and click on the bottom draw. Click inside the draw and you will get a ripped paper. Now go to the plant and keep clicking the left side of the plant. You see that switch? flip it.

    3. Go to the door. Oh look! there is another ripped peice of paper. click it! now put the two paper’s together to see a number.

    4. Type this number into the computer password.

    5. Go back to the door and pick up another paper.

    6. Select the new paper and go to the emu. Click the nose.

    7. Get the key and open the little blue box.

    8. Grab the red rod and the metal strip.

    9. Click the right side of the waste bin. (It might take a while for it to do something.)

    10. Now, go to the two pictures of the owl and the emu. Look at the Owl’s eye. It’s green! click it!

    11.Click the green rod.

    12. Now go back to the computer and click the grey box on the wall.

    13. Put the Green Rod in the right hole and the red rod in the top.

    14. Now, if you go to the door and click on the top of the screen there will be a fan.

    15. Put the metal rod in the fan. A blue rod will come out. Click it.

    16. Go back to the box near the computer and put the blue rod in the other circle.

    17. Tada! you won the game you cheater! ; )

  • Brian
    1 month ago

    you need to click all the spikes on the tree to open teh owl, the others describe how to get the rest

  • tina
    5 days ago

    wtf? idk hwo to play the game all there is a switch..

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