How do I ask for a scene haircut at the hairdressers?

My printer doesn’t work but this is how I want to get my hair:…

Please answer!!


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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    well, considering that your printer’s broken, i’d say that you should try drawing the style in a couple of different angles, the way that you would want it and hope for it to look like. 🙂

    because from this one picture, it looks like it would be very difficult to assess the hair style all the way around.

    also, if you have a mobile phone with an SD card adaptor, you could transfer the picture to your phone. 😀

    umm, yeah. anyway…

    as for a worded description, it’s kind of hard to describe, as words don’t give the exact same mental image to all people, but i’d suggest first telling your hair dresser that it is an “alternative” hair style.

    ask for a loooooong side fringe that’s swept to the right (or if you want it to the left, specify specify specify), and the layers framing your face to be kept long and then gradiate to longer as they go down.

    short layers on the top, gradiates a bit as they go down, with one (longest) long layer on the bottom.

    but i reallyyyyyyyyyyy want to stress, PLEASE don’t go in to get it cut without some sort of visual reference.

    i’m not saying that it absolutely won’t turn out right without one, but the odds are are that it probably won’t turn out the way you wanted it. this goes along with any hairstyle.

    also, it probably won’t turn out EXACTLY like the picture to a tee, and it may take several hair cuts to get this style before it actually happens, or you may need to cut on it some yourself after you get it done.

    so make sure first that you reaaaaaally want it. bad.

    and, like the person above me said, the upkeep is very high maintenance.

    my hair’s maintenance is similar to what i can assume you’d have to do to style this particular cut, and i’ll copy and paste another answer that i used to describe the process of styling:

    as for styling,

    i’d say that to achieve more volume in the uppermost layers, while your hair is still damp, apply a small amount of sculpting liquid to the roots [i use Bed Head Creative Genius™, but this is only if you want really intense volume… lol], and then hold your head upside down while you blow dry your hair, concentrating on the roots first and then the ends. (seems strange, but it really works…. for me at least. lol.)

    if you don’t have naturally straight hair, then straighten only the ends of your hair with a flat iron, try your best not to pull too hard so as to take away volume…

    work in sections and back comb at the roots and lightly spray them with hair spray.

    wait for the hairspray to become dry then… i guess, kind of “scrunch” your hair at the top? lol. it makes it poof out more, and helps separate the hairsprayed sections so that they don’t look stringy.

    also, it looks like she may be wearing extensions, so you either have to put those in at the bottom, or if you’re using your own hair, just straighten the bottom most layers. (however, you’d want to straighten your bottom layers after blow drying and before the rest of the steps.)

    and remember, if you still don’t get the results that you want, play around with it a bit and see what works best for you. 😉

    if you need any more help or have any more questions, feel free to contact me and i’ll do my best to help. :]

    ^but this is just an estimate of what you’d have to do, as this was used to describe a similar but still different style.


    and, you will probably end up using a BUTTLOAD of shampoo. lol.

    but anyway, i hope that this has helped, and good luck with your hair!!♥ :]

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Your hair dresser should know what a scene hair cut is. I would look on line (you can Google “scene hair” or “scene hairstyles” in Google Images) or at her shop – just go early. Most hair dressers have at least one book of scene hair, and you can always mix and match the traits of one style with another.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Theoretically;; the haircut you want looks very nice

    You wont like this but that hair cut is hard to maintain and you probrably wont be able to restyle that hair everytime you wash it

    So do something else to your hair;; because if you didnt like that hairstyle once its cut on you;; it will take a while growing it back out again

    Good Luck with Your hairstyle!

    Just make sure you dont regret it

    Edit- if you do go through with this hair style.. buy some GHD straighteners;; they are the best in keeping your hair pin straight. they cost about 100 british punds. they are expensive but they last for ages and they are really really good

    I know a girl at school who had one cut and it looked fab. but then she washed it and it looked absoloutley awful. she tried to maintain it but it was too much hassle so she just gave up. and now she looks like something out of a horror movie

    Good luck though

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