How can I make friends during summer?

I just moved to a new city this summer and its been hard. I’m super stressed about school (I’m going to be a junior), I miss my friends like crazy, and i don’t know ANYONE here! I’m stuck at home pretty much every day and it’s sooo boring…I feel like I have no life now! =[

I really want to make a few friends before school starts.

Soo…I was wondering how I could make friends in the summer.

I thought of getting a summer job, but isn’t it a bit late for that?

I’m not a shy person but I’m usually not the kind of person that approaches people randomly and start making conversation.

Also, I’m 16 if that helps.

Thanks in advance =]

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  • Haters in the building™
    1 month ago

    I understand completely about the whole im not a shy person but i usually don’t approach people and start talking randomly. I am the exact same way but i seriously recommend you to do this because what is the worst that is going to happen? They give you a strange look and walk away? Normally no people will answer you back and if they are out going they will start to talk to you as well. A summer job like others said is the way to go you meet a lot of new people around your age if you get the right kind of job. Also maybe try taking up a some sort of hobby class in your neighbour hood for example if you are in to music maybe take group music lessons i know some places do that. Im not really sure what hobbies you are in to or what your city offers but there will definitely be something ! I hope this helps and motivates you

  • Brittany
    1 month ago

    Summer is a hard time to move away. I made a big move a few years ago when I was 13 but that was in the middle of the school year. I would suggest going to a beach nearby, maybe you could go to a local park or pool club. As long as you get out of the house and try to go to places you would want to go with your friends, you’ll most likely find someone else your age there. Sometimes it’s okay to randomly go up to people and introduce yourself. I know it sounds weird, but by you going up to them may pay off. They’ll get the impression that you are an outgoing, friendly person. I hope this helped, and good luck at your new school!

  • Muri
    1 month ago

    maybe you could sign up for a summer camp its a great way to meet people and have fun, you could do a see if their are any people your age in your neighborhood and invite them over or to hang out, you can volunteer in your community like at an animal shelter or the library or get a job at a place where teens hang out its never too late, going out to a lot of community events helps or even going to the pool hopes this helps 🙂

  • mktrippin
    1 month ago

    Search on the internet for local hang outs maybe go to a movie or two.I would also look up the school you will be attending and find near by arcades, pizza places,near by teen hang outs. GOOD LUCK!

  • trashlienicole
    1 month ago

    find out about some of the local hangouts in town like malls or arcades or something and then there you can meet people. and no, it’s not too late for a summer job.

  • 1azman
    1 month ago

    well summer job is definitely the best way. weekend activities or short trip/camp?

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