How can i make a homemade bobble head without a spring or making a spring?

Help plzz x[ 9th grade project

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  • 2Roos
    1 month ago

    Is there a good reason you can’t use a spring or make one? Like if they’re saying no metal can’t you use plastic? Anyway, I’m not sure how your bobble head is going to be set up, but I’d use some sort of watertight container (VERY small) and set up the head on a stick, with the stick going into the watertight container, which should be filled of course with water, and on the end of the stick put something that floats. Use a very lightweight stick since you’ll be floating the weight of it and the head. You’ll have to figure out a way to encase the stick so it doesn’t leak where it sits in your container, but can still move and thus, bobble. I imagine with this set up the bigger the bobble head doll the easier it will be for you to get it to work….but I bet there’s a much easier solution. Post me your project rules, hun. I’ll help ya. And does it have to bobble up and down and side to side, or just one? (of horizontal or vertical?)

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • bridson
    4 days ago

    Homemade Bobblehead

  • sizesmith
    1 month ago

    A flexible piece of plastic, such as tubing with a pipe cleaner inside might work. A piece of metal from a car antennea, or a piece of plastic from an artificial flower might work.

    I’d take an old inkpen and get the spring out of it, if it’s allowable to use a spring. Just an idea that you might have one you don’t know about.

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