how can i find a long lost friend in switzerland?

i am trying to trace a lady whos maiden name was andrea vogelsanger.she will be about 44years old.i met her on kibbutz neot mordechai in israel in 1981.she came from a small town called burgdorf which is near berne.

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  • swissnick
    2 decades ago

    Well, in the Swiss phone directory there is one single Andrea with maiden name “Vogelsanger” – and two others are still called the same, but live in a completely different region.

    Many women are not registered with their maiden name, and some are not in the directory at all, so this is not the “real” situation.

    If you are sure she lived in Burgdorf, you may contact the municipality – I don’t know if they can or would help.

    For an off-chance – the name of the one married “Andrea Vogelsanger” is now “Andrea Burger”, phone 011-41-26-494–3930 from the US…

  • Bill T
    2 decades ago

    Phone the Swiss Embassy (either in Washington DC, or New York or Chicago or LA) and ask them for their help. They’ll find him or her for you.

  • Rose
    2 decades ago

    it would help if you had thier old number, so then you can hire a detective to find them. you already have have thier old town which helps. Have you been to their town and asked around? cos tou never no if someone knows them. And i whish you good luck

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

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  • _
    2 decades ago


  • ♥Cutie Emily♥
    2 decades ago

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