how can i become extremely good at handball (tips on how to practice and some moves) ?

not talking about team handball… the one where yu smack ball with hand

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  • Handballer
    1 month ago

    You can start by playing different people, everybody has a different style of playing handball and that way you can expand ur skills… also practice alot, practice hitting the ball in the direction u want it to go and that way your aim will be better, also if you are playing in the 3 wall or 4 wall handball you should practice using your corners that way you can get other players good with changers…. another way is to be proficient with your left hand, practice hitting the ball just with your left hand and practice hitting the balls close to the side wall and returning the hit high… also you can go to the website i put at the bottom and go to player development and watch videos on how to serve and how to return the serves, also on where to stand in the handball courts, that way you will get much better and you can be smashing on other players… but it all depends on how much you practice so this is really important…this is the website address for the instructional videos.

  • Tommy
    1 month ago

    I played handball (two and 4 wall) for 35 years and here are some tips:

    1. Do regular pushups every day

    2. Practice alone with only using your off hand. Get good with either hand.

    3. Practice sidearm shots off the back wall.

    4. Prior to play ALWAYS soak your hands in hot water for 3 minutes,

    5. Practice a fist shot on a serve.

    6. Never use padded gloves. I recommend “Tiger” brand.

    7. Play at least one hour three times a week (with or without a


    8. Practice hitting the ball side armed to the bottom 2 boards

    9. Conditioning is the key to winning. You can beat someone better than yourself by being in top shape.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ok well you know you have to practice but you should watch a couple of games and see how other players play and how they hit the ball and their feet position, it takes a lot of upper body strength so you could always build that up and it will help. just hit the ball in the most comfortable and effective way for you, everyone does it differently so find the way that works for you! good luck=]

  • ++++
    1 month ago

    Find someone that is better than you and watch how they hit the ball and how they play. for example let say you a righty and you want to get better with your left hand watch how other righty uses they left hand to hit the ball and of course practice everyday

  • SolidSnake85
    1 month ago

    Learn how to hit the ball probably with your fist or the palm of your hand. Be quick and be quick to judge to where the ball is going to bounce back.

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