How can a picture frame represent struggle in my life?

I have this project in which we were assigned an object and we must use it in a way to show a struggle in our lives such as a dog leash for control, broken piece of mirror for shattered self image?Would greatly appreciate.

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  • Am I Good Enough
    1 month ago

    Let’s think… outside the picture frame.

    You have friends and family who supports you, right? Who loves you and cherishes you therefore supports you?

    Let’s say you are the picture to be placed inside the picture frame. Regardless a happy picture or a sad picture, the outer frame will always represent you family and friends supporting you.

    Through happiness and sadness, through thick and thin, your family will support you just like how a picture frame will support a picture, even through the rough.

    It will protect, it will support, it will embrace.

    And that’s what you family and friends are like for you, correct?

    Good luck! x

  • Andrea
    1 month ago

    A picture frame has it’s boundaries… The image within stops at a given point and cannot continue off of the frame. Relate this to yourself. I don’t know you, but maybe there is something that you are wanting to let out but you cant because your “frame” is there. It keeps it all in when all you need to do is let go of it.

  • Insurgo
    1 month ago

    It all depends on the picture in the frame. A picture of any sort of struggle would depict what you need. The frame itself could represent a space that needs to be filled in your life. An unachieved goal perhaps.

  • yoaida36
    1 month ago

    You feel like you always have to fit into a certain standard.

    You know, how pictures have to fit EXACTLY in the frames or it just looks out of place?

    Something like that. It seems like a really cool project! Hope you do well 🙂

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    It represent my personality..the picture frame it is the space to put a picture of your family

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