Hindi Album Song From late 90’s. Lyrics & other Details below. (10 pts)?


Kasam li hai hamne,

Kasam na thodenge,

We love you oh India

Tujhe na chodenge.

—Late 90’s Album song ( I think it was during the Celebration 50th Independence Day )

—Sung by Anu malik (Mainly)

—Couple of Bollywood actors were in it ( I still remember Juhi’s scene) along with Anu Malik himself.

Any Idea about the album or name of the song.


Thank You Bhowmick. That’s it. Thank You. 10 pts will be yours…. Today Im not allowed to choose an answer. Thank you Dear.

Thank You Bhowmick. That’s it. Thank You. 10 pts will be yours…. Today Im not allowed to choose an answer. Thank you Dear.

4 Answers

  • D Bhowmick
    1 month ago

    Its from the album ‘A reason to smile’.

    You would get more details from http://www.esnips.com/doc/55715d44-e1d2-410d-88e1-…


  • Alps M
    1 month ago

    Unfortunately I also don’t remember the album/film of this great patriotic song which was released way back in 1998.But I do remember that this was sung together by Anu Malik and Ali Haider. I think this song was a part of the then unreleased film Dus which had also Shankar Mahadeven singing ‘Suno gaur se duniya walon, chahe jitna zor laga lo sabse aage honge hindustani….’ Its just a guess.

  • ?
    5 days ago

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  • rekha_gaurav
    1 month ago

    Try the website www.hindilyrix.com it has all the movies that has ever come out with it lyrics. on the website you have to scroll all the way down and you will see letters and you can click on a letter and the movies with that letter eill come up

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