Help with my RCA Smart TV?

I have an RCA smart TV. The remote has Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, and YouTube. the netflix button works just fine, but when I try any of the others, a message on the TV shows up “This application is in preparation.” and never shows up. Help? Thank you!

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  • ?
    5 days ago

    Smart Tv Youtube App

  • PoohBearPenguin
    6 days ago

    Part of the problem is you bought an RCA TV. They’re not a very reliable brand.

    Anyways, check the manual for instructions on how to update the apps on the TV. Hopefully this will fix the problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to call RCA and explain to the tech in Chinese why you think your TV should work as advertised.

  • Alex
    5 days ago

    Hi, I was dealing with the exact same issue. So what I did was I pressed the menu button–> Quick Menu—> Network –> Network Upgrade– after your tv restarts all of the apps should work. I hoped this helped!!!!!

  • Stephanie
    4 days ago

    My tv keep shutting it self off , i followed the manual on the tv what else can i do it keeps doing it

  • Jeff
    5 days ago

    Can I put other apps on my rca smart t.v. that arent preloaded ? I really want showbox like on my tablet ? Thanks 🙂

  • larrybud2004
    6 days ago

    Your TV should have a mechanism for updating the apps which are installed in the TV, just like you update apps on your smartphone.

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