Help! We have had a recent infestation of tiny snails in our yard and driveway, what do we do?

We live in Kansas and this is real unusual. Why are they here? Will they ruin our lawn? How do we get rid of them? It’s sooo freaky! Help!

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  • lucky m
    1 month ago

    well you can buy comercial product…or you can buy some beer put it in a pie pan or some sort of pan and the snails will go to it and die…then remove …good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don’t think snails care what state or country they’re in, just so long as there’s a bit of moisture around. I would say they came in something you have recently bought & grown if you didn’t have them before. I know here in Sydney Australia, there are always a lot appear after rain. They eat many things but I don’t know whether lawn is one. Put saucers of beer around, they climb in and don’t make it out again. If you don’t have kids or pets use snail pellets.

  • Squibbles
    1 month ago

    # Keep all decaying matter cleaned out of your garden beds.

    Clear all dead leaves from the garden.

    # Cultivation of the soil will help kill hibernating slugs and eggs.

    # Remove slugs and snails by hand. If you are too finicky, use chopsticks. If you get the slime on your fingers or hands pour a little cheap white vinegar on your hands and wash

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Slugo everywhere! It is not harmful to plants, animals or small children

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