HELP! Gorilla Price won’t let me uninstall!!?

I recently accidentally installed some software that I was not supposed to download. Upon removing said software, I saw Gorilla Price had apparently downloaded along with it, and tried to uninstall it too. Unfortunately, every time I try to uninstall it, this window pops up. I do not want to download an uninstall manager from the source of my problems, but I REALLY need to get rid of this stupid thing!! Please help if you can. Thank you.

Operating System: Windows 8


Yes, the program is listed under “uninstall programs”

-Is there any SAFE software that would be able to remove it correctly?

Yes, the program is listed under “uninstall programs”

-Is there any SAFE software that would be able to remove it correctly?

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    8 days ago

    Try the free version of Revo Uninstaller at;…

    Another alternative is to run a System Restore to a point before you downloaded the unwanted program. This will not delete any personal files – just any other programs or program updates installed after the restore date.

  • ?
    7 days ago

    I tried to delete GorillaPrice from my Program Files, but it always said it couldn’t delete it because of active related programs. In your Task Manager under the tab Processes, you see gorillaprice.exe and you can cancel the process, but you still can’t delete the map from Program Files. Now here’s the trick: I was trying stuff out with a program called Revo Uninstaller, but nothing worked. But what I did see, was a thing called WatGorp, which was apparently related to GorillaPrice. And when I was scrolling trough my Processes, I saw a process called WatGorp.exe. And when I cancelled that process (and of course the process gorillaprice.exe itself) I was able to delete the map in Program Files and since then, I didn’t have any problems and annoying pop-ups. You guys should try it out too, I don’t know for sure if everybody is done by doing these things. And maybe you also have to use Revo Uninstaller, like I did.

    (I’m actually not quite sure if it’s exactly called WatGorp.exe, I didn’t really pay attention… But I’m sure the name WatGorp was a lot lookalike, so please tell me the right name)

  • ?
    7 days ago

    thank you PRELLEUM, I installed Revo Uninstaller to get rid of Gorilla Price Virus, it worked so well.

    If you try to delete Gorilla Price manually in your “Uninstall or Change Program”, the virus will lead you to a new page where it asks you to download Gorilla Uninstaller, don’t do it.

  • Jack Grandal
    7 days ago

    Thank you so much RRELLEUM! I had this same issue too with gorilla price, REVO uninstaller worked. It takes a more aggressive approach, which is to ask nicely to uninstall, then go in and delete the files and registry itself.

  • Andrew
    7 days ago

    Revo uninstall FTW

    Downloaded it from, chose a mirror site.

    Was trying to install a mumble update and got a bunch of crap, gorillaprice was the only one I couldn’t remove.

    I was amazed that it worked without a problem. Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    This genuinely works hence why I have created an yahoo account to assist those who are affected as I spent best of 5 hrs figuring it out and have sucessfully removed it. Must install Revo Uninstaller Pro software. Under the ‘Command’ menu go to ‘Force uninstall’ it will prompt you to browse for the location of the file you wish to delete in this case Gorillaprice.

    How to locate this (by still remaining at you revo ‘force uninstall’ browse screen). You open your ;

    Windows Start Task Manager- ‘Processes’ tab hit tab left bottom ‘show processes from all users’ this will list gorrillaprice.exe select this and left mouse click choose ‘open file locate’ this will open windows explorer revealing the location of the file. You still have the task manager still open where you left off. You then go back to revo browse file to locate the file by mirroring where it is showing in your windows explorer before you do this you must go back to the taskmanager under ‘processes’ tab you MUST hit [end process] tab by selecting another associated file this is the KEY to enabling REVO to uninstall gorillaprice. This associated file is ‘wotgorp’ you select this and hit the [end process] tab you should action this for both ‘wotgorp’ and ‘gorillaprice’. You should now go back to your revo browser location of the file gorillaprice select and uninstall. After which would prompt you to proceed with mopping up any residual file ensure you allow this process to go through tick through by selecting all files you will go through two of these screen prompting you to do this once down. Walla its all uninstall. After which under you mozilla or which ever browser you are using select browser home page to in order for it go online again otherwise will say cannot find proxy server. Sorry I couldn’t present this in writing well due to time already spent tonight and I envisage to re format this instruction for my own self. I strongly believe this process should work for any similiar mail/adware etc. Last question you may ask how did I find out about the associate file well when I’d located where gorillaprice application was via windows file explorer I hit delete message pope up sayinn another application is using this file ‘wotgorp’ so I went back to windows task manager under ‘processes’ tab it was listed alphabetically active so I’d ended the process which then allowed me to uninstall it via Revo. Kind regards.

  • Bassman1
    8 days ago

    Is the program listed in control panel under uninstall programs ?

    Some software requires a special uninstall program to get all the hidden files removed from the computer. Be very very careful as to what you click on and install.

    ” Yes, the program is listed under “uninstall programs” then use Windows uninstall to safely remove the program. The run a system restore to the restore pint just before you installed the program.

  • sandy
    7 days ago

    I have the same problem. Beware, the uninstaller you download to try and get rid of Gorilla Price will download a virus to your computer! DO NOT DOWNLOAD their uninstaller!

  • shellingmama
    8 days ago

    RRELLEUM, you are very helpful, I downloaded this unwanted adware program and couldn’t get rid of it. Your suggestion to try the free Revo Uninstaller worked! Thanks so much!

  • Angel
    7 days ago

    Go to

    At the bottom there should be a uninstall link press and download it.

    Run it and put the numbers shown in the security box in below and press uninstall.

    And it should uninstall it.

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