HBO Direct TV on demand Download Pending?

When I want to watch episodes from season two of the series Game of Thrones on HBO Direct TV On Demand, It has the option when you click on it of recording that episode (which doesn’t make sense because they advertise that you can watch it instantly) When I “record” the episode it says that it has been added to my playlist. Then, when I enter my playlist it has a golden “R” Next to the episode and it says “download pending.” What is the meaning of this? How do I go about watching the series instantly like it advertises?

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  • Solid Signal
    9 days ago

    It sounds like the DVR is having problems connecting to the internet or your internet service is too slow for a real-time download.

    Press and hold {INFO} for three seconds and then choose “more system info.” Scroll down and you should see “Internet: Connected”. If it does not say that, there is a network problem of some sort.

  • manciel
    5 days ago

    Directv Genie On Demand

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

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  • classicsat
    9 days ago

    Probably it is not available locally, and waiting for available download to the local server.

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