has anyone ever heard of ch noble z88 winter tires?

anyone ever heard of ch noble zambonee z88 winter tires? or know if there any good? was recommend by tire place

3 Answers

  • g
    8 days ago

    Yep, weak quality. Almost as the worst brand of tire you could waste you money on. Go Goodrich, General, Hankook, or Yokohama before you through wasted cash at Noble.

  • droidcrasher
    6 days ago

    Last Guy’s Answer…

    Goes COMPLETELY OPPOSITE all the other INDEPENDANT reviews out there…

    Which review after review, constantly grant them 4.3 /5 … 4.6 /5, etc…

    Completely fails to demonstrate HOW… The NOBLEs are SUPPOSIDELY so bad…

    And never even mentioned having bought some IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

    LET ME GUESS!!! This guy sells Goodrich, General, Hankook and Yokohama!!! ;-P

  • Craig
    5 days ago

    currently use Nokian Hakkapeliitta r2 .. However ised the Noble z88 prior and they are a great tire for the price .. fantastic is slush and snow … ok on ice.

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