Has anyone been killed by dolphin ejaculation?

Apparently dolphins ejaculate at a speed of a 180 miles per hour which is faster than the top speed of most vehicles. I’m wondering, has anyone been killed by dolphins ejaculating?

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  • Himz
    1 month ago

    You’ve heard the expression “chicken of the sea”? Well, dolphins are the NY strip steak of the sea.

    Next time you vacation to the east coast – Savannah, in particular, look through your binoculars around 1:30 am and you’ll see ghostly dolphin boats cruising through the tides with eerie glowing lights surrounding the boat’s hull.

    Oh sure, they call themselves “shrimpboats” but everyone around these here parts knows that they’re really casting for dolphins. Why else would there be hundreds of dolphins jumping through the air in their wake? They’re jumping for joy at the sight of nets full of shrimp (aka “dolphin bait”). And all those seafood “soups of the day” on Bay Street? Dolphin a la king!

    Dolphins were invented by the god Dionysus in 5 B.C. during one of his all-night drinking binges (He claims he did it because he was feeling unusually horny that night.) Dolphins are the second smartest speices on the Earth, but as mentioned above, very stupid… yeah makes you think doesn’t it(“Think” is a loose term here); they fall just below mice and just above humans as shown by my misspelling of “species.”

    Dolphins were once considered as mammals, but it has recently been confirmed that they are actually fish. This conclusion has been reached by a recent study commissioned by Australian prime minister Paul Hogan. That study dispelled many popular myths such as:

    Dolphins breath air – this is not true, they actually absorb all of the oxygen they need from their food, the gas leaving the blowhole is simply waste gasses from digestion.

    Dolphins give birth to live young – actually dolphins lay eggs however these eggs are cleverly disguised as floating bottles.

    Dolphins are warm blooded – the appearance of this is due the acid on the skin of the dolphin reacting with the thermometer increasing it’s temparature.

    Dolphins enjoy smothering themselves with mayonnaise and being eaten by tuna, unlike many environmentalists think.

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    1 Swimming with dolphins

    2 Cold Blooded Sexual Predator of the Seas

    3 Intelligence etc

    4 The Great Uprising ’97

    5 General Opinion

    6 List of famous Dolphins

    7 Orientations

    8 See also

    9 And in Conclusion

    see dis link…..


  • hice
    5 days ago

    Dolphin Ejaculation

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

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  • ?
    5 days ago

    killed dolphin ejaculation

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

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  • AliDawn
    1 month ago

    I honestly don’t know if that could kill you, but my feeling is that if you put yourself into a position where a dolphin will be ejaculating on you, then you probably deserve to die…

  • Rachel
    1 month ago

    I don’t think it would kill you and things travel alot slower under water than they do traveling through air.So it will not go 180 mph under water! This is one sick and twisted question. ~Rachel

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