Has anyone actually been helped by begslist.com and such?

I’m curious, has anyone received actual aid from these panhandling/online begging sites?

Everyone I know would be too distrustful to help anyone, especially since many of the posts I saw was related to christmas gifts and no actual need.

I’m not asking for anyone’s opinions about whether this works or should be used

I just want straight up facts

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  • Lucy C
    1 month ago

    I posted my story on Begslist a few times and I had some donations. It wasn’t enough to pay off my debt, but at least it was something. I didn’t have to pay anything to post on that site, so I really had nothing to lose. Something is better than nothing I suppose.

  • sharon
    7 days ago


  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    No…I’m running out of time …I need help with my rent and some clothes for my son who is 15 years old and special needs…I’ve been on Beglist for about a mouth and still no help…I guess i’ll keep praying…Good luck people.

  • Jacques
    4 days ago

    i tried beglist and received some emails suggesting help which is awesome but everyone of these aids ask me to pay a $57 transfer fee at moneygram. i don t know what to do

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    There’s no proof that anyones been helped on there. You just see these stories by someone saying some anynomous person helped them pay their bills and covered their bank overdrafts after they text this person using a number they left on the site.The people leaving these numbers (and there are several) Don’t talk to you. They insist on texting you. One person named David gave the excuse that he was in Dubai doing his oil business and that’s why he prefer texting because it’s cheaper. But all these suspicious people text at these numbers, they don’t talk. One guy told me they this guy (David ) had him set us a bank account and then tried to have him transfer funds from his own bank into this new bank account until the guy figure out what was going on. Because he had an overdraft. He didn/t have any funds to transfer into this account ( a USAA checking account) So when David discovered that the intended victim did’nt have any money(this was a Friday night) He told the my acquaintance that he had caused a problem and that he would try to fix it monday and that he would talk to him then and hung up. However he never contacted my friend again.My friend cancelled his account because it had been compromised. David had his bank account number and bank routing number.

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