Hardy Azalea (Fisher Salmon). What’s the best location in my yard to plant it?

I live in Chicago. The description of the plant doesn’t list what the sun requirements are. It does say it is an evergreen though if that helps?

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  • susan n
    1 month ago

    Where did you buy this azalea?

    The reason I ask is that another azalea cultivar by the same breeder called Fisher Pink is hardy to 20F only. Frequently a breeder will create a series of cultivars with a common lineage. If your Fisher Salmon has some of the same genetics as the Fisher Pink it would probably have the same hardiness.

    If you bought this plant at a florist it is highly likely that it was not meant to be planted but is a floral gift item to be enjoyed while the flowers last and then discarded.

    Even if you bought it at a department store garden center it might not be hardy in your climate. Those places goof all the time selling plants that don’t survive the climate where that particular store is located.

    See if there is zone information on the label. Your area is probably zone 5.

    If it is hardy, go ahead and plant. Most azaleas prefer partial sun, preferably morning. shadier if afternoon. The east side of a structure is usually a good place.

    To thrive they need moderately to highly acidic soil, a pH of around 5.5 is good. If your soil is not acidic you need to replace some of it with peat. I would assume the soil is not acidic enough and work 4 inches of peat into a 4 foot area around the shrub.

    The soil should also be high in organic matter (add an inch or more of compost) and well drained but never dry.

    Azaleas should be planted slightly higher than they grew in the pot, about an inch. If the plant is root-bound be aggressive in pulling them apart, this will help not hurt.

  • Bill
    1 month ago

    I cannot much improve on susan n’s answer except — While the industry may want you to discard a florist azalea after it is finished blooming, florist azaleas can be carried on for many years as a houseplant. The basic requirements remain the same and houses are generally too dry, but with effort a florist azalea could last indefinitely.

    You might want to visit the Azalea Society of America Web page at: www.azaleas.org

  • Renee
    1 month ago

    Azaleas don’t like the afternoon sun. They have to have that morning sun. Check with your local County Extension Service for lots of information on gardening. The telephone number should be available in your phone book.

  • Bingalee
    1 month ago

    Most Azaleas do well in filtered shade or where they just get early morning sun

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