Haier air conditioner displays error E0?

Model: HWR05XCK-L

Age: A few years.

Suddenly stopped working and displayed a error code E0. I unplugged it for a day and took it out of the window and let it drain but when i plug it in it still says E0. Rarely it will turn on for a few seconds and start working again then go back to E0. Please help me fix this.

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    E0 is usually code for power issues. The fact it comes on and goes off is reminiscent of a motor heater or overloads. They auto magically reset when the motor cools down. If you have a prob., in the motor it will cool down turn on heat up turn off. About 15-20 cycles. I can advise to start cheap and work your way up. Replace the capacitor which will be mounted on or very close to it. 2 wires going to a silver mini flask looking device. Careful a capacitor will charge up energy and hold until discharge. Before anything cut power to the unit the using a small jumper wire touch each end to each terminal tab causing a short and it will de-energiz. Remove the wires from the device and loosen the holding strap. Take it to a motor shop and get a new one 5-10 bucks at most. Replace the device {don’t worry about what wire goes where its in series and AC} Try it again. If this doesn’t work then its decision time. Technician or take motor for testing? Cost very close. Good Luck

  • loughlin
    4 days ago

    Haier Air Conditioner Error Codes

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    1) Take out the manual for the Air Conditioner. 2) Go to the trouble shooting section. 3) Look up the error code. 4) Do what it says.

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