getting error i can’t fix. director player error, projector corrupt.?

i am getting this message all the sudden when i try to play my game. top of box says director player error. in the box it says this projuctoe file is corrupt! unable to continue. 2nd box that comes up says this projector is stopping, 3rd box says this application cannot run. I have unstalled and reinstalled the program. i have upgrated flash. im at a loss. I like these types of game the game is ravenhurest. none of them will wrok now. Oh i even ran a program fix, it would be clean untill i re downloaded the game. Hepl please.

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  • randy h
    1 month ago

    hope this helps, copied this from bigfishgames forum, seems to be a common error!

    “had the same problem. Ravenurst gave me a corrupt projector file error. Also, the previous MCF games that I had bought no longer worked. I may have found a solution. I was installing another program that required the Microsoft .net 2.0 framework to be installed which is free from Microsoft’s website. After installing the .net framework, I ran the updates for Windows XP and then Ravenhurst and my other games worked. So I am not sure if it was the updates to windows or the .net framework, but now my games work. Hope this helps anyone else with this problem.

    PS I do have the new AOL Safety and Security program installed and running which seems to be a reoccuring theme to the games not working. But just turning off the AOL software had no effect on the games working. “

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