Foreign Exchange Market?

You manufacture wine goblets. In mid-June you receive an order for 100,000 goblets from Japan. Payment of 400,000 Yen is due in mid-December. You expect the Yen to rise from its present rate of $1= 130Yen to $1= 100Yen by December. You can borrow Yen at 6 percent a year. What should you do?

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  • Yuri Fadeev / [email protected]
    1 month ago

    Spot rate today: $/¥ = 1/130 ≈ 0.00769

    Spot rate today: ¥/$ = 130

    Expected spot rate in december: $/¥ = 1/100 = 0.01

    Expected spot rate in december: ¥/$ = 100

    Yen will appreciate relatively to dollar for +30.0%

    Dollar will depreciate relatively to yen for -23.1%

    There are many options…. June-December is 6 months period.

    Case [1]: – do nothing (you will have simple FX premium due to currency appreciation)

    Convert your 400’000 yens to dollars in december and as a result at the end you will have ¥400’000/100 =$4’000 dollars

    Case[2] – FX market operations (forward)

    If today’s forward rate is less than 100 yens per dollar (without discounting) – then buy this future swap ¥→$ today. For instance if market agree to swap at rate 80 yens per dollar in 6 months at the end you will have ¥400’000/80 =$5’000

    Interest on yens is useless here, but if it’s possible to borrow dollars and convert it to yen till december – then depending on interest it may be profitable to convert $ to ¥ and get additional profits net interest from ¥ appreciation.

    But actually there are many other costs, exchange margins (0.5~1% in each direction), and of course you may be wrong with your expectation about future exchange rate.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • ?
    4 days ago

    You Manufacture Wine Goblets

  • ?
    5 days ago

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