For those who’ve seen “The Tudors”!!!?

Is there any Male Frontal Nudity??

That is the only thing keeping me from watching the show, the fact that I don’t know and can’t find out if there is any FRONTAL nudity. I do not care about anything else, and can get through it without being scarred, I just really don’t want to see a penis.

Just answer the question, don’t give me crap about not wanting to see it.

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  • Tai
    8 days ago

    I didn’t watch every single episode, but as far as I know there were no penises. Also, I think you need to calm down and grow up. A penis is just a body part like any other.

  • carrabotta
    4 days ago

    The Tudors Male Nudity

  • MaryAlice M
    7 days ago

    There is a scene in season 2 episode 4 in Cromwell’s office with Thomas Moore that shows a feather pen plume that looks like a penis. It certainly was surprising to see, but after watching it closer, it’s definitely a feather plume.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    8 days ago

    Ive seen the whole show

    It is Amazing!

    And no, there isn’t male front nudity ever

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