For Gerber baby food what’s the dfference between supported sitter and sitter?

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  • Mom to 2 boys!
    9 days ago

    Supported sitter means the baby still needs help to sit up. You can sit the baby but he/she might still tip over. Supported sitter can sit in a high chair just fine. Sitter means the baby can sit up just fine all alone.

  • Greta
    9 days ago

    The other answers explained the difference between a sitter and a supported sitter.

    I will say, the SINGLE ingredient Gerber baby foods are THE SAME, no matter what stage they are. The “supported sitter” jars are 2 ounces and the “sitter” jars are 4 ounces. Now, if you get into the 2 ingredient ones, or the yogurt blends, or the “texture” ones, then yes, there is a difference.

    I got my daughter a jar of the “crawler” stage green beans, and they were totally liquid, just like the lower two stages.

  • justme
    9 days ago

    foods for supported sitters are practically liquid and one ingredient foods, sitter foodds may be a bit thicker and include a mix of ingredients

  • First Namebrea
    9 days ago

    supported sitter is when the baby cant fully sit by itself and sitter is a baby who can sit by themselves.

  • K
    9 days ago

    It’s just marketing BS trying to hustle naive parents into feeding processed slop to babies too young for solids — pay no attention.

    Gerber makes a LOT of total junk; the single-ingredient stuff is pretty basic (albeit watered down) but lots of the “dinners” and most of the “snacks” are very junky; read ingredient labels carefully if you are heavily reliant on convenience food for baby.

    Useful links:………

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