Example of soft & hard objects?

I am going to teach a group of nursery children how to differentiate soft and hard objects.

I am going to bring in some soft and hard objects to the classroom to let them see.

Can someone give me some examples of objects of soft & hard objects that can be bring into the classroom?


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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago



    -babies soft teddy

    -babies hairbrush


    -velvet or fluffy material




    -brick (toy one)


    If you want to do a food experience:


    -cheese spread






    If you want to make things a but harder for the more able children:

    -nail brush-which parts hard, which parts soft

    -juggle balls-soft to touch but you cant really squeeze them

    Look up a collection of books could

    “thats not my…” they are great for tactile activities!!!

  • Fritz M
    1 month ago

    Soft Objects:



    Stuff Toy

    Bean Bag

    Small Pillow


    Hard Objects:

    Wood or Twig





    (Other Objects used in School)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Hard Objects:



    Toy truck or something

    Hard games ball [i.e. golf, baseball etc]

    Soft Objects:

    Bean Bag




    Cuddly Toy

    squishy ball

    If you have class pets as well such as a hamster you could talk about how it’s fur is soft :]

  • hanpoppy
    1 month ago

    soft objects

    sponge,apiece of silk napkin or handkerchief

    cotton balls

    a piece of a tea cake or a muffin

    a soft toy

    a socks,

    hard objects

    a piece of wood

    a steel spoon

    a metal keychain or a key

    a metal hanger

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • Amber
    1 month ago

    It would be interesting to make 2 playdough balls…let one harden completely and keep one in a bag so it stays soft.

    a dry sponge and a wet sponge. (Not a brand new dry sponge-one that has been used and has dried out on its own).

    plastic “easter” eggs with a pom pom inside.

    pencil and pencil shavings/crayon and crayon shavings (pencil shavings are a lot softer but keep them in a bag or a container and don’t let them sniff!)

    There are great books that are full of textures. Check your local library. You can make a texture “board” as well.

    Good luck.

    5 days ago

    Which of these objects is hard

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    soft: sponge, play dough, cloth, and a stuffed animal

    hard: hard cover book, rock, wood, and walls

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Bring like a ROCK and a Sponge.

  • l8tr g8tr
    1 month ago

    Rock / feather

    Glass or dish / cotton balls

    Cell phone / chenille fabric

    Millions of choices…

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