Etude house or Skin food?

Survey for girls! 🙂 Which product are you using? And why? Which one can you recommend? I’m still confused on what to buy.. Etude house “I’m blooming” or Milky you one step cleansing.

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  • Templeton Chi Chi
    7 days ago

    Ooh, Korean brands. I’m Korean and I had tried both brands and both are religiously loved by my hands and my face as I use their products nearly every single day.

    Skinfood is more of a skincare brand and Etude house is a colour makeup brand (in other words, it carries blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc etera much more than other brands) for younger teens. Makeup in Korea, no matter what age, is much more subtle than American/Canadian makeup. Girls here wear mascara, eyeliner, bronzer and eyeshadows, but girls in Korea wear more of the same consistent look: fresh dewy skin, light tinted lips and some straighter brows but really nothing over that limit. That is why Etude House is more popular among younger teens as they like colour and such and women like a more fresh look that illusionates this bare baby face or a “no makeup” makeup look.

    Skinfood has an amazing line of skincare, but one of my favs from Skinfood is their red orange jelly BB cream in a pot. It’s medium to high coverage, pretty lightweight, a natural demi-matte finish, and is pretty easy to apply as it is very buildable and smooth. It is better for combination skin as it can cling to dry patches and rub off oily ones. Skinfood is not best at makeup, but that is just one of the makeup products I do recommend for combination-skinned girls. Another product I LOVE is their Black Sugar Scrub facial mask that exfoliates the skin as you apply it but when you leave it on for 15 minutes before it can get crusty or hard and rinse it off, your skin will feel and look like a baby’s bottom. IT’S AMAZING and nothing can replace it’s amazingness.

    Etude House is one of my all time favourite cosmetic/skincare brands EVER next to L’OCCITANE and Mamonde (another Korean brand) as well as Nature Republic. Etude House has very good colour makeup products as my favourites being their Dear my Darling Lips Tints in the four shades, Dear my Jelly Lips Talk sheer lipsticks, and some of their cream blushers. I love Etude House, but some products I LOVE the brand for is their Pore Refreshner which is an AMAZING toner for cleansing pores and blackheads, and their Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50/PA +++ which is an amazing BB cream in a cushion foundation compact form that is easy to travel with, great for touch ups, works well over ALL skintypes, refreshing, medium to full coverage and brightens the skin. I use this daily and it is my HOLY GRAIL foundation and it has been for the past two months.

    I would also recommend some other products from other brands like Nature Republic:

    their Blemish Ampoule in the green bottle with the serum-like dropper at the top.

    their School Diary Cooling Mist in the blue long bottle that you mist over the face for a nice cooling effect (it even works over makeup)

    and their foundation (forgot the name of it) but it’s in a tube-like packaging that’s more flat than round and comes in beige packaging, slightly matte texture of packaging (it’s medium to full coverage, dewy skinned finish and best for drier skin)

    I would also recommend Mamonde products as they are amazing, especially for younger women to prevent wrinkles and older women to fade wrinkles:

    their Hydrogel Essence in the pot is amazing for hydrating skin but not leaving a heavy feeling left over like a sticky residue

    their Ultra Repair Eye Cream which is phenoemonal for removing the fine lines, HG again

    their Real Skin Founder which is makeup meant more for oilier skins which I use during the summer (most of the time)

    And some other stray products from all types of brands:

    I think Etude House is better for makeup and Skinfood WAY better for skincare. Make sure you stock up on some good lip products at Etude House like their tints and sheer lipsticks and Skinfood for their Black Sugar mask and their eye creams.

  • Lucia
    5 days ago


  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Skinfood Etude

  • Darlene Mae
    7 days ago

    Both brands are great. They have a wide range of products that suits every skin type.

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