electrical/what does 115/230 volts mean.?

It is a drill press and I just know 110 & 220 volts but not what 115/230 means.

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  • billrussell42
    1 month ago

    same thing. The nominal voltages delivered by the power company are about 115 and 230 volts, but these numbers are sometimes listed as 110/220 or 117/234 or 120/240.

    Depending on the power company to some extent, but usual variation is 115 volts ± 5% which 109 to 121 volts.


  • Grampa B
    1 month ago

    With the change in insulations and engineering practices the numbers are changing some but the values from a laymans point of view are the same. 115,110,or even 120 all mean the same. 230,240 or 220 are the same. But dont confuse thease numbers like 230 and 115 because if your motor is wired for 115 and you hook up 230 it will ruin it faster than you can say, Whats that smell?

  • jito11rivera
    1 month ago

    Same thing…just means the machine is capable of being run

    at 115V or 230V. There should be a switch of some sort to change to the voltage being fed..or it just self regulates with some installed circuitry.

    Anytime you the / sign it means it capable of being used at both voltages. The label on you computer…they typically rated 115/230 and you will also see 50/60cycles….this way, the computers can be sold to Europe as well as the US.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It’s new normalization of volatge in sockets. It’s 230Volts instead of 220V in sockets in Europe and 115Volts instead of 110Volts in American socket. In 3 phase socket is 400V instead of 380V between phases.

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