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I have two Ecot computers that my kids used before Ecot was shut down. Ecot was forced to forfeit their equipment due to costs to get it all back. Unfortunately when they told us to keep the equipment they never gave us the passwords to get into them. So as of right now they are of no use to us. Is there anyway to unlock them, or get the admin name and password to unlock it? Any help would be appreciated. Also if it helps one of them run on windows 10 and the other on windows 7.

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  • Marvinator
    3 days ago


    You can get Peter Nordhals password reset disk for the windows 7 machine.…

    If you need help in using it, email me.

    However, I’m editing this to say that the steps below work for both Windows 7 and 10. I have used it before on 10, and just tested today on Windows 7 and it works great.

    For the Windows 10 machine, all you need is a bootable Winpe (Installation environment.) You can do this with any Windows install disk.

    1. If you have any windows OS install disc, boot from that.

    2. At the welcome screen, press SHIFT and F10 to bring up an administrative command prompt.

    3. You are looking for two files: utilman.exe and cmd.exe. (Both can be found in c:Windowssystem32. You can copy both to another folder or make a folder for this.) Utilman is the Ease of Access button that you see at the Windows login screen. What you want to do is create backup copies of both.

    4. Now that you have backup copies of each, delete the original utilman.exe and rename the original cmd.exe to utilman.exe.

    5. Reboot without the disc.

    6. At the Windows login screen, click the Ease of Access button. It should open an Administrative command prompt.

    7. You can use the “net user” command and all of the switches that go along with it to remove the password from your account or create a new admin account. (IE type ‘net user administrator 1234’ [enter] and you have just changed the Administrator password to ‘1234’)

    Exit the command window and log into the Administrator account using the new password. Use the Administrator account to set up user accounts and assign passwords to each. (Also don’t forget to copy the cmd.exe and utilman.exe back to their original folder replacing the one you renamed.)

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

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  • Logan
    3 days ago

    search “how to get admin access on school computer” on youtube.

    Or you could just buy new windows licenses and reinstall windows on the machines.

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