Dunkin Donuts Fritalian Commercial lyrics?

All I got is:

“my mind cant form these words my mind cant find these words is it french or is it italian”

6 Answers

  • Duane J
    1 month ago

    search google or yahoo and you should find it

  • cheri
    1 month ago

    Te lyrics are:

    Ocho, half cap, latte-chino,

    mocha duay, avet muah.

    My mouth can’t,form these words.

    M mind can’t,find these words.

    Is it french, or is it Italian?

    Perhaps Fritallian?

    (The delicious latte is from Dnkin’ Donuts. You order them in English, not Fritalian. America runs on Dunkin’.)

    lol i love this commercial =P

  • wwowowoweee
    1 month ago

    Search Google or Yahoo They Will Definitely Give You The Right Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Mucho half-caf latte chino

    mocha deau avec moi

    My mouth can’t form these words

    My mind can’t find these words

    Is it french

    or is it italian

    perhaps fritalian

  • Ellen C
    1 month ago

    mocho chino half caff mocha dui afme mui

    my mouth can’t form these words

    my mouth can’t find these words

    is is french or is it italian

    perhaps fritalian

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