dreamed i had a hole in my head?

I had a dream that i had this huge hole on the left side of my head. the outside kind of looked like a crater and the hole was covered by a bubble kind of thing. I was in my bathroom in the dream and could see through the hole. It was very clean inside my head, there was no blood or gore or anything just my brain and nothing else. I accidentally burst the bubble and it started to sting but the bubble appeared again later on and the stinging stopped. I dont know why but the dream kind of freaked. what does the dream mean?

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  • ?
    6 days ago

    Hi there,

    The dream talks about something that has blown your mind (“hole in my head”). Clearing out some things in mind (“-very clean inside-“). Some heavy thought on a matter (“my brain”).

    Dream talks about something you didn’t intend on putting a lot of thought into (“-accidentally burst the bubble”). Not meant to happen (“accident”).

    Whatever happened here, the dream says it’s recurred (“appeared again later”). Or maybe came back up.

    May have hurt a little before (“-sting”); but, you’re over it (“-stinging stopped”).

    PS: “bursting a bubble” is a pun. It means to cause an adverse reaction to a great fantasy. Ruin a good day. So forth…


  • íntuítívєstαr•*¨*`•☆★♐
    6 days ago

    Hole in your head=symbol of faulty thinking or not thinking a decision through thoroughly.

    Bursting your bubble = being hit over the head by reality; no longer being in a fantasy about someone or something, no longer being in denial; seeing the truth of some situation.

    Having the bubble return= going back to your faulty thinking or being in denial – going back in your bubble.

  • Brandon
    6 days ago

    It means you want to have sex with the hole in your head

  • mehao
    6 days ago

    you probably think there’s a part of your brain missing

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