Don’t get me started. English assessment help?

for English I need to do a 500-800 word essay on something that annoys me. I chose homework because that was the example my teacher gave me and i’m really not creative. I have to give the for and against for it. I have ideas I just need to expand on it. Which I find really hard. What I have so far is ;

I hate homework. It ruins your social life. We do enough work is school and the last thing you want to do it to go home and do more. the weekends are suppose be for relaxing and hanging out with friends, not doing hours of boring, useless homework.

Can anyone help me expand and add the for and against for homework. I have tried but I’m really bad at this type of stuff.


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  • Catie
    9 days ago

    This is the only for’s i can think of….

    The teachers can see how much you have learnt seeing as you are doing your homework at home instead of with a teachers guidence

    Your family can see how your doing with your work

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