Does the nissan sr20de engine have a cam belt or chain?

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  • ase_p2
    1 month ago

    Doesn’t matter what year or model it is in, this engine has a timing chain! This is Yahoo “answers”, not Yahoo “guesses”.

  • leigland
    5 days ago

    Sr20 Timing Chain

  • ditchfield
    4 days ago

    whats up, at first ALL Nissan’s have not got timing chains, Nissan Serena and Primera diesels and early Micra’s have timing belts, Your motor vehicle although makes use of a timing chain to force each and every of the componants in the engine. wish this facilitates.

  • jumbobret
    1 month ago


    I work for Nissan.

  • gary o
    1 month ago

    check your owners manual or call any auto parts store and they will tell you. If a 4 cyl probably a belt.

  • Robert M
    1 month ago

    What year and model is it in???

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