Does sugar soap ruin the carpet?

My cat left a rat on the carpet. I then in turn tried to clean this with sugar soap, but my carpet is a creamy white with brown speckles and I think the sugar soap has caused all the colours to run through each other, because there is a big brown stain! What ca I do?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    first was ur soap colored? i’d try carpet cleaner n i hope u didnt use a hair dryer since heat sets stains… idk but maybe the brown is from dry blood from the rat

  • Boggy
    1 month ago

    Sugar soap can remove colour if spilt on carpets. It is extremely strong and that is why it is used for preparing painting surfaces. I am really sorry but I think you cannot do anything about what has happened. Just a thought, try your household contents insurance policy, tell them you spilt the sugar soap on the carpet (well you did didn’t you?) and you may be able to claim.

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