does silent sam vodka actually taste like nothing?

I hate the taste of vodka and i’ve heard silent sam vodka has no taste to it, and pretty much just gets you really drunk without the nasty taste of rubbing alcohol.. is this true?

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  • barbara
    1 month ago

    I’ve not tried that particular brand but I have tasted many varieties of premium vodka and the existence of any form of alcohol that has no taste or smell of alcohol is a myth. Alcohol is going to taste and smell like alcohol.

    That said, when mixed with fruit juice or soda, good quality vodka doesn’t have an objectionable taste, as long as you don’t expect no taste whatsoever.

  • finnila
    5 days ago

    Silent Sam Vodka

  • hello h
    7 days ago

    It tastes like vodka but close to nothing. It is by far the best vodka on the planet and if you try a sip and then try another brand the difference is significant. The purity of Silent Sam also gives it the ability to minimize gut rot after drinking and many other hangover effects. I am allergic to yeast but I can drink this one brand and get away with it. Anything else is like drinking moonshine, to me. It really is the best and I have tried others that cost a fortune. It is made in Canada (Toronto) so you also are supporting Canadian business, if you live here. It is priced great and about the same cost as low grade Smirnoff at $24.75 ish per 26er

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Depends on the brand of vodka. Although many believe Vodka is tasteless that is not true. Premium Vodkas have subtle taste differences. Stolichnaya, Gray Goose, Absolute, etc. All have their differences. When you say “neat” that means straight up. Vodka should be served chilled. If not coming out of the freezer Vodka should be shaken with ice before straining and served “neat.”

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    It taste a little sour and a little bitter with a warm to hot burn. Its a strange chemical flavor that is unpleasant at best. Always mix vodka.

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