Does liquid Geritol help you gain weight???

An older woman i Know told me to take liquid Geritol along with a meal to help me gain weight….I’m guessing the only liquid Geritol available would be Geritol TONIC.I’ve been taking it for the past week and I’m just wondering is it worth it????

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Well, I seen that the liquid had riboflavin and vitamins and minerals. However, there was nothing to me that it would put on weight. I mean it’s a good vitamin supplement. It does have niacin, which is generally used to have more of a nitrogen vascular look. However, far as gaining weight, atleast from the label I interpreted, it really can’t add alot. I would say boost would be more like it. Maybe protein supplements. the problem with protein supps is that they contain sythentic matter most of the time. Also, it can cause bloating and other things. If you really want to be on the safe side. Bananas, peanut butter, and fish can add weight. Fish? Yes fish. A normal filet has about 9-10% of total fat needed. Also thickeners like potatoes and pasta( whole wheat can add weight ) So, as far as the agredients go, i see nothing conclusive to suggest that it would add that much weight. In fact, it is a good supplement for vitamins. I would say the folic acid might help. However, the dosage is really low. Also folic acid has to be usually combined with another substance for it to be really active. You will find this in products cotaining creatine. However, again, I don’t suggest that. So, maybe a banana with your meals, or a boost. Bananas also have inuin. Do more research on this. I was a sports athlete and also studying OT and human growth development. Do more research in the other ingredients.

  • pascarelli
    5 days ago

    Geritol Liquid

  • satterly
    4 days ago

    What Is Geritol Good For

  • enrique7718
    1 month ago

    geritol is not good… a waste of money

    minerals do not dilute in water…. so they use alcohol of some other chemicals

    you are better off taking whole food vitamins from new chapter or nature’s path etc

    i take optimum nutrition opti-men since i am very active

    they make opti women for female athletes

  • Tyrone
    5 days ago

    Yes it will help with weight gain keep taking it b4 meals it works did me good

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