Does fighting (physically) really even solve anything?

What the point anyway? Sure you might beat someone, but then wounds heal and they go on….I only mean as far as starting it…of course if your attacked bc you are robbed or someone wants to do harm that is understandable bc you are defending yourself…but other than that, why provoke it? I have this guy friend who is ALWAYS talking about how we can outwit and hurt even bigger guys when he plays sports, etc and gives people mean looks and that they back down from him, etc…What;s the point in all that gloating? Do you really think the person walking away and laughing it off is the wimp or what? Thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Violence never solves anything. When all the dust settles after a fight and it is over…nothing is solved. There is still unresolved anger and sometimes even more. If one person walks away then SOMEONE IS a bigger person. It takes a more person to “walk away” and to “turn their back” on the chance of being physically hurt or perhaps physically hurting someone else, or even being put in jail or being sued over being in a fight. It just isn’t worth it. Nothing comes from fighting. Trying to resolve it in any other manner makes much more sense in the long run. Taking a break and getting out of the “moment” until you can clear your head and see it from another “persepctive” always helps.

    Peace, Love & Happiness

  • Michael Corleone
    1 month ago

    As an adult no, it doesnt make sense, as kid in school maybe (im not saying kids in school should fight), yes it does in some cases. in my school it did. i got in a fight every 6-10 sometimes twice a year!

    Why, cause there was some racist kids in my school who thought it was cool to pick on me every day of the year. And since i was in school in the early 90’s teachers probably thought i was “pulling the race card” when i complained about it. i once jumped up to hit the ceiling and some kid replied “look you left a black mark on the ceiling”

    And people can say, “thats fine be the bigger person” but school is hard enough! Throw in i had some people riding me from 6-10 grade is a long time! Everyday in class! And early on, you had a person in one class, they may have been in all your classes, on field trips and so on!

    i probably spent more time a school with classmates than i did my brother! and he lived with me. So it was only so much you can take! Eventually that person would leave me alone only when i slap them up. Sorry, skinny black guy, with glasses doesnt get taken seriously in school! and i was shy

    Now in real life. i don’t have to fight. the stakes are higher with nothing to real gain! I could go to jail, miss a college class and so on! Not to mention miss a day at work! Not worth it, and id probably not see that person again for a week anyway! Not like class where you have about 4 more periods to go and tomorrow!.

    edit: wait i minute, sports is different topic. everybody is physical in sports!

  • yup.
    1 month ago

    If anything, it lets out a lot of anger. I’m not one to hit, but I do know that if I do something to let go of that anger, like scream into a pillow or rant to someone else, it makes me feel better. I think the adrenaline rush triggers something in your body (whatever it is that calms you down) that makes you feel a ton better. But fighting in and of itself is never the answer.

    Sounds like your friend has some kind of inferiority complex. People who gloat unnecessarily only do so to feel bigger or better. It’s sad really. Encourage him to feel better about himself. And make a point not to let him think that you’re impressed. Maybe if he realizes that no one really cares for his gloating, maybe he’ll stop.

  • Jr
    1 month ago

    I don’t believe in fighting and taught my kids not to; However, sometimes they have to be willing to fight a bully at school (defend themselves). You asked if it will solve anything, and I believe it will garner more respect and perhaps the “bully” will stop bothering them and move on. I’m talking here about grade school bullies, not adults out in the real world. One of my sons was being picked on, and even the principal told me that my son might have to step up and defend himself, and even though she did not endorse it, and my son would get punished by the school, it is still something that he might have to do in order to have it end. She was giving me permission to tell my son “fight if you have to”. He stood up to these three brats who were taunting him all the time, and they finally left him alone.

    Regarding sports…competitive sports…it is to your advantage to psych out your opponent. If your opponent is afraid of you because of gloating or making faces, then you have an advantage over them.

    I only believe in fighting to protect your family. Defending yourself from harm.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    well ladies dont fight period unless as you stated someones trying to do bodily harm to. as for guys that pick fights they are usually just punks and havent come across the right person to put them in check. most times guys like this will only pick on people who look vulnerable and weak but wouldnt dare go up against such a guy as the rock. i laugh at clowns like your friend because thats what they are clowns.

  • ♪♫ ßr0wn Eyǝd G!rl ツ ♥
    1 month ago

    Yes, it teaches them not to f**k with you again! lol

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